34 Lessons of Life I learnt in 34 years.

I am completing 34 years on this planet today. And I am grateful to be born on this planet and experience the highs and lows in life. When I look at my life from bird’s view its completely magical but on zooming in some parts are rough and painful, but what I realized that’s how the life is designed so that you are able to experience every aspect of your being.

In these 34 years I have learnt so much but yet I feel I know so little. Have got opportunity to interact with thousand of people and learn from them. Some people say that I am a good teacher but I always see myself as a good learner, good listener and good implementor.


There are so many things which have helped me and shaped me to who I am today at 34, I wanted to share the most impacting 34 lessons that have helped me:

  1. Confusion in Life is part of evolution. If you don’t confuse you don’t evolve 😊
  2. Compounding is very powerful principle in your life. Not just money but everything you do in your life compounds, your thoughts, words, actions & relationships.
  3. The world is reflection of yours it will behave with you the way you will behave to it.
  4. The deeper you work on self wider will be your impact.
  5. Winning starts with beginning
  6. Inconsistency is enemy of results
  7. The best is enemy of good
  8. Perfectionism is procrastination with High heels
  9. Path of success is paved through boredom. Initially its so fascinating to start but as it becomes habit may appear boring but going through that boredom gets you the real success.
  10. If you help more people what they want you will achieve what YOU want.
  11. You cant compare’s someone 1 chapter with someone else 21st Chapter
  12. Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough
  13. Without repetition success is impossible. Repetition sometimes brings boredom
  14. We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
  15. In any situation of life you can succeed or learn but you never fail. The only way you fail is when you QUIT.
  16. How you do anything is how you do everything
  17. You can’t expect different outcomes doing the same thing.
  18. Your growth in life will be directly proportional to challenges which you face. (If you want to grow to infinite request universe to send those challenges 😊)
  19. Its never about the tool/technique but aesthetics to use that tool/technique.
  20. Money gives you speed to grow in life. Without money you slow down on your path to growth. You spend your time and effort thinking on what to do or not to do even when you know it will benefit you.
  21. Money is not doing lot of things. Money is in doing less things in systematic approach.
  22. No course or training transforms your life, the learnings and implementation does it.
  23. You can’t be perfect in life because the day you will be perfect you will stop growing
  24. Your body is the only vehicle that will be with you through the entire game of life. Invest in it and take care of it every single day.
  25. Observation is Key Skill to Heal Thyself
  26. If you don’t design your own life someone else will design it.
  27. Your environment is powerful that you.
  28. Definition of success is very subjective form time to time and person to person.
  29. Success is the progressive realization of worthy ideal.
  30. Less is More
  31. Your focus is your most valuable asset, not time
  32. When you are able to master your senses , you will master your life
  33. Great teachers are great students.
  34. Your Vibes attract your Tribe.


Being in training and coaching industry for more than a decade most of these lessons have come to me as experience of life, few of them I have learnt from different trainers and coaches which whom I have learnt.

In the end I would like to attribute all these learning and lessons to my Guru who has always been there to take care of me in every situation of life. Whose love has been an unconditional one. Who is helping me to become better every single day, giving me opportunity to serve this world to make it a better place to live. I am so fortunate to have a living master in my life.

Blessed to complete meaningful 34 years of my life.

I would like to thank each and every person who has been part of my journey of life.

Thank you for sharing your love and blessing with me on this special day and taking out time to read this article.

Which of the top 3 lessons could you resonate with most, share them in comments below.




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  1. Your sincere efforts for all of us for attaining good health and good minds always make me proud to be a part of your concern.

  2. -deeper your work on self, wider is your impact
    -inconsistency is the enemy of results
    -path of success is paved through boredom!
    All of the learnings are so apt and accurate, they will all prove helpful at some point in my life!
    Thankyou for sharing, so many years worth of this golden wisdom!!!

  3. Many happy returns of the day Dear Anshuman, Congratulations and Keep growing.

    Bhavana Jharia

  4. Keep the flame of inspiration alive within you and let it radiate through your blog. Your words have the potential to create a ripple effect of positivity that spans the globe.

  5. thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts and i am glad that i could share these with you and add some value to you.

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